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Media Advisory on Permanent People’s Tribunal With the Program for 6 and 7 March Sessions

Media Advisory on Permanent People’s Tribunal With the Program for 6 and 7 March Sessions

One thought on “Media Advisory on Permanent People’s Tribunal With the Program for 6 and 7 March Sessions”

  1. Ardith Bell-Bshara says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on this case. You all have worked so hard on the humanitarian crisis of the Rohingya people of Myanmar. I am very impressed at the developed case you worked upon. Thank you for coming to the conclusion that Suu Kyi is guilty for that needed to be stated. No other international group has come to that conclusion. Every judge took the case seriously and opened Pandora’s box. I hope that something comes out of this. I have brought the concern about the Rohingya to the congressman responsible for following this; Robert Corker. I have written to my US Ambassador in the UN to bring this forward before the Security Council concludes by the 24th. But the President of this month’s session is Matthew Mycroft who has had the faith in the Suu Kyi lie that she will deal with this internally (and instead perpetrate it!). So if he doesn’t then next month Niki Haley will be the President and hopefully will bring this forward. Yesterday I contacted the High Commissioner on Human Rights and asked that your conclusion be considered for doing the necessary things: bring them all to justice. (An International Military Tribunal did the WWII Crimes against Humanity and Genocide.) And when not in war who does take care of these horrors? You do? (I am not a lawyer and I have no serious understanding of what the UN is doing!) Again, thank you for organizing and presenting and being a part of exposing the truth (Tun Khin is one amazing person! And Dr. M. Zaung is as well!) and getting the indictment. I have sent your results to His Holiness, Pope Francis along with his Promotion of Integral Human Development who joined forces with His Holiness the Dali Lama on March 3rd to work on helping with creating answers for the Rohingya. Next 6 months will be interesting. It is my hope to bring forward Arshin Wirathu and the 969 to you as part of the problem and need to be charged as they are responsible for the violence and deep growing prejudice of the Rohingya. If all governmental officials are held accountable and he isn’t then the Rohingya will still be in a vulnerable, dark position. The nation of Myanmar will never proceed. I am working on that project now and hope to get to you soon. Thank you! Ardith Bell-Bshara Humanitarian 001-910-400-5533

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